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The Future Of Hydrogen Power

Renewable energy is in the news a lot these days. How will we be able to overcome the many drawbacks of using of fossil fuels? Hydrogen power, hydrogen fuel cells and HHO generators among many other forms of non fossil fuels are part of our possible solution to unlimited, near zero pollution energy in the twenty-first century.


End of Fossil Fuels Is Near

One thing is sure fossil fuels will eventually run out, and future generations will struggle as oil prices will soar once the end of our natural oil supply approaches.

Emerging economies like China and India are creating an unprecedented demand for oil as their billion+ population switches from bicycles, donkeys and trains to automobiles. Already, China has the largest market for vehicles in the world.

You may believe the rhetoric (read as propaganda) that the United States has both the technology and the underground resources to tap into 100 years worth of natural gas. What you are not told is that shale fracturing to release natural gas destroys our aquifers. Would you like to swap clean, pure water which is a scarce resource worth more than oil to fill up your gas tank or heat your house?


We need to invest in renewable energies now, and if our governments are not picking up the pace, then we are the ones who need to show by example to our future generations that it can be done.

It is like playing football at the edge of the cliff. We know that one day the ball will drop over the face of the cliff, and then the game is over. Unless we have new balls to play with.


Renewable Energy

The new balls in the energy game are called renewable energy or green energy. These are forms of energy which can sustain themselves, and do not cause environmental damage. Interesting enough, these sources are plentiful. And with battery packs getting more efficient, the storage of renewable energy becomes more efficient too.

On the one hand solar energy is a practical resource in many parts of the world. Even Saudi Arabia is investing in massive solar farms. Wind energy is being implemented more and more on a larger scale. Water power, either from sea movement or river water locks is a powerful source of green energy too. Then there is earth heat power which can be harnessed through all sorts of new technology.


Water Is The New Fuel

Then we have water, in a freely and abundant form available all over the planet. Water, H2O – consisting of oxygen and hydrogen molecules contain an incredible amount of energy. But, unlike oil, natural gas or coal the by-products of combustion are nothing more than pure water vapor. Talk about recycling!

Hydrogen is a highly explosive gas. The hydrogen molecules are easily separated from the oxygen molecules through a process called electrolysis. Send a current through a mass of water and separation of the two elements present in water will be started. The electrolysis process forms pure oxygen and pure hydrogen.



For combustion we need three elements, fuel, oxygen and a source of ignition. The fuel is hydrogen, the oxygen is the oxidizer and the two can easily be combined and ignited.

An HHO generator – which is very easy to build – is able to take care of the electrolyses process in a very efficient manner. The gasses can now be used to help fuel efficiency for combustion engines.


Hydrogen And Oxygen Produce Electricity

If we have a large volume of pure hydrogen and a large volume of oxygen we can also reverse the process. Under pressure we bring the hydrogen and oxygen together, which in the end will form heat and water vapor. During the process the energy can be taken in the form of electricity. This process is harnessed in what we now call Hydrogen fuel cells. The DC current can run electrical motors, which can run trucks, cars or other machinery. Or the generated energy can be stored in batteries.


High Performance Hydrogen Fuel Cells

The technology of fuel cells is not new, but as materials are getting better, so also gets the output of the fuel cells better and more efficient. Were the fuel cells before extremely large and bulky heavy elements, now they become smaller and smaller. Important is that the large volume of production of the actual fuel cells also brings down the costs. Almost all major car manufacturers are building prototype cars which completely run on Hydrogen fuel cells. There are also at least 50 independent car manufacturers working on electrical powered cars. The first prototypes are on the road, which can bring a car in less than 5 seconds from zero to 100 km/h.


Electrical powered cars will have the future, that is clear, but which ever steps will be taken in between will remain the big question for the near future. Hydrogen power, Hydrogen fuel cells and HHO generators will play an important role in the development of a greener energy source.

Atomic Hydrogen

For nearly a century the discoveries of Nikola Tesla, perhaps the world's greatest engineer and inventor, have been ignored and suppressed. Yet, Tesla had invented a way to tap into the Zero Point Field, that he called the aether, to extract unlimited electrical energy.

Today, the field of quantum physics is rediscovering a "new" scientific understanding of physics that reveals that empty space or the Zero Point Field is not empty at all but teeming with infinite energy.

Nikola Tesla invented a way to tap into this energy source in the early 1900's to power a Pierce Arrow automobile with a 90 HP Westinghouse DC electric motor. But unlike our ignorant auto industry, his vehicle required no heavy bank of storage batteries and never needed to be plugged in for a recharge. A special antennae that was probably coupled to one or more Tesla coils (which store enormous amounts of electrical energy) provided a constant source of current to drive the motor.

This same source of energy can be drawn upon in many ways that scientists have either ignored or failed to research. My research with atomic hydrogen proves that atomic hydrogen is just one of many ways to tap into limitless, clean energy.

If you have an interest in saving our planet, heating your house and powering your vehicles it is time to begin thinking and acting to get unlimited clean energy afforded by generating your own HHO.

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Fight entrenched energy cartels with unlimited energy from the zero point field

  HHO The Perfect Fuel

Water is the perfect fuel. For one thing water is abundant. Seventy-one percent of the earth's surface is covered with water.

When broken down via electrolysis water splits into Hydrogen (2 parts) and Oxygen (1 part). This gas is known as HHO or Brown's gas. 

Regardless of how it is known HHO has enormous energy, three times more than the same weight of gasoline.

But, unlike gasoline, HHO converts back to water when ignited. So, it is the world's most perfect environmentally friendly fuel.

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Learn how to build your own Stanley Meyer type Water Fuel Cell that runs cool with just distilled water and low power drawdown (2.5 amps or less). HUGE HHO OUTPUT!

Build a Stanley Meyer unit like shown above.

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Meyer's cell functions at high voltage, low current rather than the other way around. Construction is unremarkable. The electrodes are made from tubes or parallel plates of stainless steel formed in either flat or concentric topography. Gas production seems to vary as the inverse of the distance between them; the patents suggest a spacing of 1.5 mm produces satisfactory results. 

Meyer uses an external inductance which appears to resonate with the capacitance of the cell (pure water apparently possesses a dielectric constant of about 5) to produce a parallel resonant circuit. This is excited by a
high power pulse width generator or PWM that, together with the cell capacitance and a rectifier diode, forms a charge pump circuit. High frequency pulses build a rising staircase DC potential across the electrodes of the cell until a point is reached where the water breaks down and a momentary high current flows. A current measuring circuit in the supply detects this breakdown and removes the pulse drive for a few cycles allowing the water to "recover".   

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