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Stanley Meyer HHO Generator Kit



This is a Stanley Meyer type Water Fuel Cell with 8 cells that you can build with all needed parts included. We use only the highest quality components like 316L seamless stainless steel tubes, heavy duty case components etc. the cost of this DO-IT-YOURSELF KIT is $1999.00

Just for comparison purposes, the Bob Boyce 101 plate HHO generator CASE ALONE, costs $1995.

The Boyce 101 plate generator case does not include the SS plates nor the electronics to build his design.

My HyFusion Generator Kit completes the expensive and time-consuming machine work like cutting the SS 316l tubes to size, drilling nine holes per outside tube plus one hole per each inner tube,  using a tap to "thread" these holes; that machine work is done for you.

However, this is a delicate unit and cannot be shipped all assembled. That is your job. You must assemble the tube array and glue the case. Your job also includes the time consuming conditioning and cleaning of the tubes, assembly of various components, wiring the cells, and connecting the PWM. Please note that we do not include the Stanley Meyer VIC and other circuits. We use a standard constant current Pulse Width Modulator.

HHO generator kit components

Kit components including case on left. Complete HHO generator on right. Not shown, PWM. Battery not included.

15 Inch Stanley Meyer 8 Cell Kit Parts List


  • 316L seamless SS tubes: eight 15" tall x 1.25 OD" outer tubes PLUS eight 16" inner tubes

0.875" OD x 0.049"

  • 16 8-32x3/8" SS screws and nuts
  • 64 nylon screws 8-32 x 3/8"
  • Lexan spacer disk
  • Six inch diameter X 17" acrylic tube
  • Upper threaded cap/plug
  • Lower gasketed plug
  • 8 ¾"NPT thread ½" hose barbs
  • Bubbler
  • 12 3/8 X ½ hose barbs
  • misc. hoses
  • SS wire
  • 35 amp 3 frequency PWM with mark space control
  • Complete assembly instructions.

Price: $1999 plus S&H of $89. Call or email for overseas Shipping rate.

Call to order: 207-315-0315

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