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HHO Generator & Components Price List


Hyfusion tradename for Powergate Technologies products


I offer four different HyfusionHHO hybrid systems based on engine size smallest to largest.

1.                                                                               1.The Hyfusion Ninja ZPE-1. Produces from .7 LPM to 1 LPM at 5 amps.  This is adequate for up to 2 liter engine size.

Vanguard HHO generator produces .750 LPM hydrogen

The complete Hyfusion NINJA ZPE HHO generator is perfect for converting vehicles with 2 liter or smaller engines. The case is almost indestructible stainless steel.

Dimensions: The unit comes in either 10 inch tall or 12 inch tall 3 inch diameter cylinder. The unit requires a separate electrolyte/gas reservoir to be mounted above the cell.

These units need to use one of our TSAT Tuners to control your vehicles O2 sensor. When used along with our Constant Current PWM you get maximum control and efficiency. Out put is 750 ml/minute at 5 amps. You can attain as much as one liter a minute using 15 amps and NaOH for electrolyte.

Complete Hyfusion Ninja ZPE HHO System including CCPWM  is just $599.

Retail Price: $699 including Constant Current PWM, relay, hose and bubbler.


System Options

EFIE HHO Tuner, if required as on model year 2000 and later, is an extra @ $170.00. See below


2.                                  The Vortex Y HHO System.

    This complete system, when correctly installed and adjusted and with all engine sensors in working order, our EFIE tuner has yielded from 50% to over 70% MORE MPG. Two of our customer's vehicles now gets 70% increase in fuel mileage (those results are NOT TYPICAL!)


Works on up to 10 liter engines

Order the Vortex HHO generator system that includes our combination Constant Current PWM and your choice of digital EFIE: Wideband O2, Narrowband O2 or diesel EFIE. I'll also include 4oz of Orgone activator water free! . This is for the 1997 to 2013 engines to adjust the 4 oxygen sensors and the MAF or MAP sensors.  Please specify make, year and engine size.

NOTE: We can also provide an Optimizer Tuner for 2004 and later diesel engines . Please specify when ordering.

Our Vortex system employs our own unique, highly efficient electrolysis system with more active electrode surface area than any other similarly sized unit on the market. Unlike other systems we also include a bubbler, hoses, a relay for connecting to the vehicle ignition switch, hose barbs and wiring.

This is as close to Plug n' Play as it gets!

Dimensions: Width: 15" tall; X 10" wide X 2 3/4" thick. MEASURE YOUR ENGINE COMPARTMENT BEFORE ORDERING. The Vortex is suitable for pickup trucks, recreational vehicles and delivery trucks.

Ideal Placement: Behind the grill, in front of the vehicle radiator. We can custom build a shorter unit by substituting a 3" clear reservoir tube for the standard 2" tube. That way you can have a unit standing 10 to 12 inches high with a 50% gain in water capacity. Or, in extreme cases we can cut the height down and provide a separate water reservoir.

Average output at 15 amps is 2 LPM  at 25 amps output is 3 LPM


...       NINJA High Output 6 Cell For Diesel

Produces up to 7-8 LPM @ 10 amps. Reservoir adequate for up to 57 hours of continuous operation. Includes the most advanced electronic management system for your system (used to be just a pulse modulator controller, best diesel tuner on the market, heavy duty relay, hoses, wiring, hose barbs and bubbler.

Our recommended electrolyte will not harm engine parts.

The Ninja ZPE High Output is our commercial spec system for semi trucks, large diesel generators, marine engines, heavy diesel powered equipment and experimenting with household heating.

Fuel mileage savings on large diesel engines is in the 20% to 35% range.

An early customer (4 years ago) began running 5 Vanguard units on his semi-truck. Over the course of four years he kept meticulous mileage readings. His overall mileage increase was 20% without any other tuning.

When his mechanic removed the head for the one million mile rebuild he found that the engine was exceptionally clean with hardly any wear. He recommended that the owner drive another 250,000 miles before getting a rebuild.


This HHO output is sufficient to cause major fuel mileage increases on 10 liter to 24 liter truck engines (both gas and diesel). This system, with proper tuning of the engine, will provide around 35% increase in fuel mileage.

The unit will run continuously for 57 hours @ 10 amps between refills of our special electrolyte water. Much longer at lower amperage settings. The ultra high output at low total watts is the result of our use of a special O-U Vortex coil plus our use of Orgone water in the electrolyte.

No other commercial Hydrogen fuel making system comes anywhere close to the efficiency of our Ninja ZPE technology:

This is measured on a 12 volt system so this unit has an efficiency of 1.65 or 165% over typical electrolysis.

Other Applications:

  • semi trucks

  • delivery trucks

  • heavy equipment using diesel engines

  • diesel generators

  • marine engines ie. fishing boats with diesel power

  • research

  • home heating

The system includes all hoses, a heavy duty relay and breaker, our advanced diesel HHO controller and our proprietary diesel tuner as well as complete Operating and Installation Instructions

Dimensions 15" front to back "box" configuration X 9" wide X 16" tall with access hatch closed. 22 inches high with access hatch open

Introductory Retail Price: $7990.00 (volume discounts apply) + $126 S&H (in USA) 

Quantity discounts available. Call 207-315-0315 for quote. For orders of twenty or more units we are happy to send our mechanic to train your installers on the first unit. You cover air fare and accommodations only.

Payment Method:  For purchase of a single system credit cards are accepted. Multiple orders require either a wire transfer or cashier's check made out to Powergate Technologies. Call or email us for bank wire instructions.

Please allow at least a week for completion plus five days for shipping time. We can ship overseas for $140.

Call for dealer discounts for quantity orders. 207-315-0315.

Special Order: Vortex ZPE Cell With Smart PWM (Upgrade from Single Cell HHO)





30 amp CCPWM

This is underrated" constant current PWM. Unlike other units that are advertised as 30 amp (for a few milliseconds of operation) you can operate this PWM safely all day at 30 amps. Factory set to run at 17-18 amps but you can adjust unit to maintain from 1 amp to 30 amps depending on HHO output desired.



90 amp CCPWM (larger unit with single fan in pic)

This is the Pulse width modulator used with our Big Kahuna system that is designed to operate at up to 45 amps continuously. So, this CCPWM is over-engineered to provide up to 90 amps. Unit can be adjusted to maintain steady amperage draw desired to prevent runaway overheat condition in your HHO generator.



This is Our New 2 in 1 Quad Digital EFIE & MAF/MAP Combo

2014 Best EFIE HHO TunerNew--2014 Model

Thermostatically Controlled For Even Greater Mileage Gains

Automatically Makes your Signal Modifications at the Correct Temperature that Your ECU (PCM) Will Accept This is Our New 2 in 1 Quad Digital EFIE & MAF/MAP Combo

Your 2 Most Important Sensor Modifications

It you own a newer model Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen or any Import, and many of the newer USA built vehicles, you probably have Wide Band 02 Sensors. Which makes our new 2 in 1 Quad Digital EFIE & MAF/MAP Combo, an absolute MUST HAVE Component for any HHO boosted vehicle.

It Will Handle 4 Oxygen Sensors Plus Your Voltage Based MAF or MAP Sensor Most American cars prior to 2011 have narrowband O2 sensors. The price is the same but please specify Wideband or Narrowband O2 sensors when ordering. Ask your garage or car dealer if you are unsure

This efie & maf/map combo unit will get you those mileage gains from that generator or dry cell that you bought that did not produce the fuel mileage gains that you expected.

Easy to Install, Even For The Beginner.

Complete Detailed Install and Tuning Instructions Included.
$170.00 + $9.95 S&H

O2 Sensor Type


Experimental Radiant Energy Meissner Circuit with Special O-U Coil

For researchers only who are familiar with electronic circuits and are seeking the highest efficiency my team is building some experimental ZPE circuits. When completed and tested we will offer a Self Tuning- Self-resonating radiant energy circuit that will adapt to work with almost any HHO generator, depending on the capacitance of the cell.

This circuit is expected to perform very well because the frequency is determined by the condition of the water fuel cell. When the water fuel cell has no residual charge the frequency will go very high until the hydrogen/water bonds break. Then the process begins all over again at a high frequency until the electolyte again builds up a charge and the frequency drops to the 100hz to 2000 hz range. This circuit uses only enough energy to charge the cell to the point of breaking down the water. No heat should be created because there is very little wasted energy. This circuit automatically finds the best frequency so it is very efficient.

Pricing and Availability

Call 207-315-0315 if you are interested. We are building these circuits with special coil now and I expect a huge demand once we release the test results.



An engineer, John Ellis, invented a device that converts tap water into ultra pure structured water with a hydrogen bond angle of 114 degrees vs. the 104 degrees of ordinary water. Watch this fascinating interview with John Ellis and learn about the unusual healing properties of drinking his structured or high energy crystalline water.

Recently, I added just 20 drops of this special water to regular KOH electrolyte. Watch Video



Actually, in my experiments the amperage required dropped from around 30 amps @ 12 volts to about 1.5 amps @ 12 volts FOR THE SAME HHO OUTPUT!


The process was gradual with decreases in power needed every day for seven days. At that point it leveled off. Another feature of this discovery is that the electrolyte was altered so that I could use the exact same electrolyte with orgone water on other HHO cells to get the same result of low amps immediately (without the 7 day conditioning period).


This is experimental and I have only tested it on my Vortex cell so, I cannot guarantee it will work the same with a plate type HHO device.

The output of this device, orgone water, has incredible health properties reported by researchers in cancer , diabetes, tumors and a host of other reported cures.

People have documented that adding about 10 to 40 gallons of the orgone water to polluted wells and cess pools gradually purifies the entire aquifer. Apparently, the Orgone water conditions any water that it is added to including the aquifer of a well.



One gallon of energized-distilled water in about 2 hours and up to 10 gallons/hour of energized tap water, which is the overflow. If you are on a supply that people drink, you can drink energized tap water (or mix the two) with the same results! Unlike any other water filtration/distilling product (John Ellis machines are patented world-wide)and the water is reprocessed 100's of times/gallon (not once) with an ultraviolet lamp in the top of the boiler (with a transformer) that destroys anything! Ordinary water processing products do not recycle water fifty times or more. Organisms can NOT be removed in only one cycle through ordinary products!

Air cooler with stirrer

So that more oxygen can be consumed during the energizing process.                     

How To Use The Electron 4 & 5 Machine

Place the machine on your sink counter and snap the diverter valve on your faucet (it quickly snaps on and off). Put a stainless steel pot or glass bottle in your sink to collect the energized-distilled water and/or the energized tap water. Water feeds from the diverter valve to the machine though a small inch diameter hose where there is a butterfly valve. Open the valve just enough to feed water to the machine (you don have to hand fill the machine). Any water that is not distilled goes through another small hose to your sink. This is energized tap water and you can turn up the valve, if you wish, to make up to 10 gallons/hour of energized tap water. This is the water they use on wells. If you have a septic system and permit this energized run off water to go down the drain it will eliminate bad odors and bad bacteria.

You can TAKE IT ANYWHERE since the basic machine without the air cooler weighs ONLY FOUR POUNDS!

Magic boiler action

With easy snap apart heater module 1500 Watts-plugs in like a toaster! We use Only U.L. approved thermostats.

Faucet Diverter Valve

No need to hand-fill the machine! Protected by United States and Foreign Patents!


Two versions are available:


LWM Electron 4 for $1600.00 


LWM Electron 5 for $2690.00 

This is the best machine we offer. It has two bulbs and a more powerful transformer to produce twice the ozone levels as it breaks down into oxygen and nascent oxygen....Fantastic!! Makes up to 10 gallons of "light tap water" for treating wells and septic systems. Or, shut off the control valve and produce the ultimate in health water you can drink daily, bath in, treat wounds and injuries and cure almost any disease according to fifteen plus years of testimonials from actual users. NOTE: We don't claim Cures....but, our customers do! You be the judge.



Please allow ten working days for delivery.

Order online, above


Office #: 207-315-0315



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