HHO system for diesel trucks

Our new high output Brown's gas system for large engines is now available! Output is sufficient for engines of up to 12 - 24 liters size.

The unit will run for 57 hours @ 30 amps between refills. Much longer at lower amperage settings. It peaks out @ 48 amps draw. Here is a look at it's production:
25 amps 2.95 LPM
30 amps 3.79 LPM
35 amps 4.72 LPM
40 amps 5.78 LPM
45 amps 6.87 LPM

This is measured on a 12 volt system so this unit has an efficiency of 1.65 or 165% over typical electrolysis.

Measurements of output were taken where the HHO had to pump approx one gallon of water from a container. On an engine output should be even greater!

This system includes our new, large capacity Constant Current PWM rated at 90 amps. We overbuilt it so that it could cope with continuous duty on large, over the road semi trucks without strain.

The system also includes our proprietary tuner for extracting the maximum fuel mileage gains from diesel engines (2004 and newer).

Of course, this system works equally well on large gasoline engines though late model engines will require a different TSAT Tuner.


  • Big diesel engine trucks (including pickup trucks, delivery vans, moving vans and semi trucks)
  • Six liter and larger gasoline engines
  • Marine diesel engines
  • Diesel generators
  • Hydrogen research
  • Heating systems

One customer reported saving approx 3 gallons of diesel PER HOUR in continuous duty on a large diesel generator. We are predicting fuel mileage gains on "tuned" late model diesel truck engines of between 25% and 35%.

A totally untapped market to consider is the fishing industry. With the cost of diesel fuel soaring and lobster, shrimp and fish prices dropping in many areas fisherman are caught between a rock and a hard place. A conversion to HHO can drastically cut their fuel costs.


The Big Kahuna system is the most advanced and efficient on the market. As a result, semi-trucks using our system can expect a reliable 20% to 35% gain in fuel economy on diesel. When you factor in the fuel savings over the course of a 5 day truck route driving twelve hours a day (the legal maximum), truckers can save as much as $200 a day on fuel costs...or, up to $1000 a week. When the Big Kahuna is priced at $8000 including professional installation, the unit can pay for itself in less than 90 days.

LEASE OPTION As a Powergate Technologies registered dealer you may provide a LEASING OPTION to truck firms with good credit. You will receive lease forms and training when you order one Big Kahuna demo system for $1895 plus S&H here. Our new lease option helps you sign up smaller firms who prefer to lease the system for 24 months. At the end of the lease, the firm pays just $1 per installed unit to own it free and clear. However, you will receive your sales commission immediately, upon the approval of the lease agreement.

However, to help you get started I'm permitting charter member dealers to participate by buying two Big Kahuna Systems as demo units for just $3995.00 plus shipping and handling. You will automatically become a Powergate HHO Dealer! Here is the link to take advantage of this offer for the next 5 days only:

You will be paying through my business PayPal account so you can use your credit card to order.


Complete system (ready to install with instructions):


or, order two or more units.

2 units @ $2290 each

5 or more + units @ $1995 ea.

10 or more units @ $1895 ea.


EFT (electronic funds transfer) bank wire only.

Unfortunately, credit cards are not suitable for larger commercial transactions; therefore, we must require a bank to bank wire transfer.

Midcoast Federal Credit Union Wire Transfer Instructions Wire to: Tricorp Federal Credit Union Westbrook, Maine United States ABA# 211291666 For Further Credit To: Midcoast Federal Credit Union ABA# 211287476 For Final Credit To: David Davies Powergate Technologies Account # 700320360832 .

Shipping and Insurance

Outside the USA the shipping cost is $100 per unit. We will use a freight forwarder for orders of 5 or more units which will cut the shipping costs substantially. Call for quote: 207-319-7414

If the sending bank provides a US correspondent bank utilize:
Financial Institution: The First, NA
ABA/Routing Number: 011201830
Bank address: P.O. Box 940
Damariscotta, Maine
United States 04543
Bank Telephone #: 207-563-3195
Customer Name: David Davies
Company Name: Powergate Technologies
Customer Account Number: 74123538

If the sending bank does not provide a US correspondent bank utilize: Without US correspondent bank: Financial Institution: Key Bank
Swift: KEYBUS33
Address: 1122 Consolidated Ave, Cleveland OH
Credit to: The First, NA
Account Number: 199681001947
For Further Credit:
Financial Institution: The First, NA
ABA/Routing Number: 011201830
Bank address: P.O. Box 940
Damariscotta, Maine
United States 04543
Bank Telephone #: 207-563-3195
Customer Name: David Davies
Company Name: Powergate Technologies
Customer Account Number: 74123538


We have ten units in stock and can manufacture TEN units a day until demand requires we expand our workshop and hire more help.

These units are manufactured right in the USA using local labor.

We will not be offering kits as the tolerances are exacting and we would have no control over manufacturing quality. All units are "tested and conditioned" prior to shipping. The HHO generator is built to highest commercial quality standards using schedule40 and 80 PVC. The CCPWM has two fans for reliable continuous operation. Systems come complete with wiring, hoses and instructions.

Installation Option
You may charge $1000 per installation on orders (lease or cash basis)for ten or more truck conversions. This fee is NOT COMMISSIONABLE since it is a labor, materials and expenses fee paid to our mechanics. We will fly our mechanic to your customer's garage and pay his travel and accomodation expenses while he completes installations AND/OR trains your customer's mechanic.


If you order within the next 72 hours I'll send you a Vortex HHO unit FREE.



Experimenting with Hydrogen and/or a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen is very dangerous and you do so entirely at your own risk. Neither Dave Davies nor any person involved in the sale, distribution or display of this information and products in any format recommends that you do so unless you seek competent  help. You proceed at your own risk! The writer, publisher, distributor and anyone involved in the distribution of this information disclaim any responsibility for the outcome and recommend that you consult a qualified professional in the field of auto mechanics, physics or related field. PowerGate Technologies does not guarantee any specific mileage improvements since PowerGate Technologies has no control over how you built your unit nor how you installed your unit. We recommend that only qualified professionals or  certified ASA mechanics install any device.