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HHO system for diesel trucks

Powergate's new Hyfusion VORTEX HHO system for automobiles and pickup trucks is now ready for delivery. For the next 14 days when you purchase one Hyfusion Vortex system you'll automatically become a registered Powergate Technologies HHO Dealer.

This is my complete system ready for installation on your car or pickup truck. Besides the HHO generator you'll have the wiring with relay for connection to your ignition switch, a Constant Current PWM that you can set to the level of output you wish up to around 30 to 35 amps. Hoses and hose barbs are included. In the photo is a bubbler that retails for $20. If you want a free bubbler included be one of the first 5 to order. The only other option (see the drop down order window) is a Volo HHO Chip that I will custom "flash" for your particular make and model car or truck (engine size required). If you call in your order (207-319-7414) I'll flash your chip and send it along with your order. The chip is $100 extra. Or, provide your vehicle info in the special instructions box when you order via PayPal.

You'll receive a special HHO Dealer CD with advertising, confidential pricing and your login credentials to our HHO dealer back office.

As a registered Powergate HHO dealer you can sell our entire range of HHO systems and you can lease the systems to your clients for low monthly lease payments for up to 24 months. At the end of the lease the buyout is just $1 per unit. You'll receive training in how to structure a lease to work with almost any "solvent" customer. The lease option ONLY applies to truck firms or fleet sales ordering multiple Big Kahuna units. It does not apply to consumer automobiles.

No worries about installing the units since instructions are included. For customers with five or more large trucks (Big Kahuna HHO required) we will fly our diesel mechanice to your customer's garage. He will do five or more installations @ $1000 per installation that covers his air fare and accomodations as well. He will also train your customer's own mechanic, if desired.

This ridiculously low pricing will only be available for the next 14 days. After that you'll ONLY be able to become a dealer by purchasing at least one Big Kahuna for $1895 to be used as a demo. Order below.

HHO Dealership Included




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