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Stanley Meyer 8Xa Circuit

Stanley Meyer 8Xa circuit. Actual Board may differ from picture


The 8Xa circuit is assembled and ready to be connected to the other components.




  1. Cuts power down to 2 amps or less

  2. Your generator runs cool - no overheating issues

  3. No mixing harsh electrolytes like lye

  4. Much safer for both you and your engine

  5. Less maintenance - just add tap water or well water

The only additional components you would need for this circuit is a Variac ( 0v - 110v) if you are not hooking up directly to your alternator. The kit includes the following: 100 ohm 10W resistor, SCR (C38M), Full-wave Bridge Rectifier, and a couple of VIC coils (18ga copper wire with around 60 bifilar turns on ferrite cores).

Finally,  the Stanley Meyer circuit that you need for high HHO production at low amps using just tap water. $320.00 shipping is free! Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.



Stanley Meyer VIC circuit - 8XA

8XA VIC circuit

Circuit design courtesy of Edward Mitchell

Stanley Meyer based Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicle Conversion PlansBONUS HHO Conversion Plans are included free with any order of hydrogen generator parts or electronics. Or, order the plans separately, below

Get complete plans to build your own HHO generator based on the research of Stanley Meyer. This is not electrolysis!

This breakthrough technology does not use an electrolyte, just distilled water. It runs cool and will not use more than a few amps (unlike electrolysis designs using plates).  Over 500 pages of research, schematics, wiring and resource links are included! Just $47 ($3.95 S&H) for the CD plus instant download!


Clients: If you are experimenting with HHO generation and need a custom designed PWM please call for a quote. We've designed and sold units that can handle up to 100 amps current for heavy duty applications. Call 207-319-7414. We can also take your order over the phone or answer your questions.

If we design a unit to meet your needs we can advise you about low cost manufacturing under license to Powergate Technologies



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