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Dave Davies, owner Powergate TechnologiesPowergate Technologies is a subsidiary of Seivad LLC

Founded in 2001

The company was originally set up to do research in the field of online learning and superlearning methodologies.

As a result the company founded Tutorbug.com™ an Instant Homework Help web business providing pay-per-minute online tutoring services for students from seven to seventy-seven. Tutorbug.com is currently for sale for $150,000 dollars.

Mr. Davies next began researching the energy crisis and global warming. He quickly reached the conclusion that fossil fuels are a capital intensive source of energy with rapidly depleting supplies worldwide.

His analysis led him to research Hydrogen as the ideal clean burning fuel. Water, which contains two parts of Hydrogen and one part Oxygen covers about 70% of the surface of the earth.

The company engages in research into efficient methods of hydrogen generation and utilization as supplemental fuel for automobiles and diesel trucks. Advanced research is examining the use of Atomic Hydrogen to produce unlimited, safe and pollution free energy for households and industry.


  HHO  The Perfect Fuel

Water is the perfect fuel. For one thing water is abundant. Seventy-one pecent of the earth's surface is covered with water.

When broken down via electrolysis water splits into Hydrogen (2 parts) and Oxygen (1 part). This gas is known as HHO or Brown's gas. 

Regardless of how it is known HHO has enormous energy, three times more than the same weight of gasoline.

But, unlike gasoline, HHO converts back to water when ignited. So, it is the world's most perfect environmentally friendly fuel.


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Laugh at high gasoline prices - generate free HHO fuelWater iWater is the safest way to store Hydrogen which has three times the energy by weight as gasoline. Since our water fuel cell produces Hydrogen on demand there is no need to store "live" hydrogen. All you do is replenish with water as needed!

 Scam of Automakers and the Oil Industry

Every inventor who has threatened the stranglehold of the big oil cartel has either been bought out, financially destroyed or killed.

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 How To Get Off The Grid

An increasing number of concerned Americans are opting to go off the grid.

In the event of war or an act of terrorism our infrastructure including electric utilities would be attacked....

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