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HHO Generators & Components Catalog


Order anything from this page and receive my HHO Hybrid Conversion Plans CD free! Enter coupon code XA47731 on order form.

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Get started converting your car or truck with our least expensive but most durable HHO generator, The Vanguard!Vanguard HHO generator from Powergate Technologies

The complete Vanguard Brown's gas generator is perfect for converting vehicles with 2 liter or smaller engines. The case is almost indestructible and is the only HHO generator case that can handle up to 253 degrees farenheit! This unit has never had a leak or failure due to overheating!

Because of the low cost, just $199 complete, many customers with larger engines (over 3 liters) purchase two or more Vanguards and connect them in series. They use one of our Dave Lawton PWM's for maximum control and efficiency. Out put is a modest 750 ml/minute at 10 amps. You can attain as much as one liter a minute using 15 amps and NOH for electrolyte.

Complete Vanguard Kit (without PWM) is just $199. Order additional Vanguard's for $145 each. Many semi truck drivers will install five Vanguards for a solid 15% improvement in diesel fuel mileage.

NEW Magma HHO Generator

Magma HHO generator - 2 liters/minute

The Magma is hand built for highest efficiency. The design stops the current leakage and reduces the heat build up.
It will produce 1 liter of HHO at 10 amps or 10 watts per ML and at 15 amps will produce 2 liters of HHO at 7.5 watts per ML. 

Order this unit if you already have a constant current PWM and an EFIE or Optimizer Tuner. These are required to achieve 50% to 100% gains in fuel mileage.

If you need the complete kit to install see below:






Order the Hyfusion Magna HHO generator




COMPLETE HHO SYSTEM - $499 + 20 s&h

Works on up to 6 liter engines

Order the Magma HHO generator kit with special 3 frequency Dave Lawton design PWM and Quade Digital EffieHyfusion Magma HHO Kit Switch . This is for the 1997 to 2012 engines to adjust the 4 oxygen sensors and the MAF or MAP sensors. This will NOT work on Dodge vehicles. If you own a Dodge we will substitute the Volo HHO chip. Please specify make, year and engine.


NOTE: These generators use electrolyte and are not a Stan Meyer design. See below for Stanley Meyer tube cell design.



Stanley Meyer 8 cell HHO Generator

Stanley Meyer Type 8 Cell HHO Generator

8 Cell Unit Kit

Watch Video on YouTube

We offer a high output Stanley Meyer version with EIGHT SS Cells in a rugged 7 inch diameter schedule 40 case. Output is close to 4 to 6 liters/minute on this high output unit when using a Dave Lawton design PWM available below.  The case is NOT CLEAR as pictured in photo. The clear acrylic cases did not stand up to shipping and handling so we no longer offer the clear case.

These generators are built to exacting standards using the finest 316L Seamless Stainless Steel tubes that have approx 1.2mm clearance for highest efficiency and lowest amps. There is no heat buildup as these units run cool to barely warm.

Each cell is tapped for nylon screws to maintain perfect spacing between the inner and outer tubes of approx 1.5 mm.

Cells are wired in series for highest efficiency, ie. Highest HHO output for lowest amperage draw.

Units require NO ELECTROLYTE!…just distilled water so there is no danger to the aluminum parts of your engine. However, our testing shows that using KOH electrolyte increases output. This is the ONLY unit we know of that will produce HHO using tap water.

This is a kit! The cells are machined and wired but the cells must be installed in the case and the wiring completed once the cells are in the case. Some drilling and sealing of the case will be required. Please, mechanical idiots DO NOT ORDER THIS KIT!

Units must be used with our Stanley Meyer PWM (see below).

Dimensions: Approximately 6 to 7 inches in diameter by 26 inches tall

Pricing: 8 cells 15" tall for $1645 + $155 S&H  

Please allow at least three weeks for completion plus five days for shipping time. We cannot ship overseas as this unit is too heavy for economical shipping outside the USA


11 Plate HHO Dry Cell Generator…Complete Kit  

with parts ready to install


Output: Approx 1 liter per minute

$199 + $12.95 S&H  




21 Plate HHO Dry Cell Generator Complete Kit

21 Plate Hydrogen Generator for V-8 or Diesel engines

Output: Approx 2- to 3 liters per minute. Includes reservoir, tubing, hose barbs and instructions.

$279 + $13.95 S&H

Advantages Of The HHO Dry Cell

HHO Dry Cell vs Wet Cell

So, what's all the controversy about? Why is the HHO Dry Cell a better design?

Here are 2 main reasons:

1. When the edges of the plates of a hho generator are submerged in the water/catalyst bath a great deal of the electrical current passes through the edges of the plates. This current is largely wasted in terms of HHO production. When the edges are outside of the bath, as with the hho dry cell, all of the current is forced to travel directly to the faces of the plates. Therefore all of the current supplied to the hho generator is utilized in efficiently making HHO gas.

This is the main reason the hho dry cell design has become so popular.

2. The electrolyte bath attacks and will eventually destroy the electrical connections if they are submerged. With the hho dry cell design they are outside of the water/catalyst solution which is stored in a separate reservoir and recirculated by the hho dry cell, this help in producing more hho gas and less heat (steam)

The plates of our HHO dry cells are made of 316L stainless steel. This has been found to have the best properties of resistance to attack from the process of electrolysis. However, mounting hardware and wire and cable are very difficult to find in 316L grade and are very costly to use.

Therefore copper cable is usually used by Hydrogen on Demand installers when installing their hho generators. And a lower grade of stainless steel nuts and bolts are used by hho generator builders for assembly and when these are submerged in the electrolyte, they rapidly get eaten away.

With the HHO dry cell design, all of these connections are outside of the electrolyte so this isn't an issue.

Why is it that a hho dry cell design produces more hho gas?

Because it is efficient, there is not a lot of wasted spaced and electrolyte solution that is not being used and charged with current. The very small volume of electrolyte solution that enters the hho dry cell is subjected to electrical current and able to react and create hho, then exit the hho dry cell generator and recirculate.

Why do hho dry cells run cooler than other hho generators?

Again, because of the design of the hho drycell, with the "wet cell" generators the heat created by the electrolysis process has no place to go. With the Dry Cell Design the electrolyte solution is gravity fed in order to keep it replenished. A constant flow keeps the unit from overheating.

This Dry Cell is one of the most effective on the market today.

The most used hho dry cell in Europe and USA

The HHO Dry Cell design shown below has about 80-90% total efficiency when all things are considered (ambient temperature, ambient pressure, accurate measurement of gas volume and current) when powered by straight DC. Pulsing or modulation of the input voltage waveform to this hho dry cell could increase the performance further, as it is known that in the beginning of each pulse larger current flows than in the steady state condition, thus lowering the cell voltage needed to push threw a certain amount of current and increasing the efficiency of a Hydrogen Generator slightly.

Thousands of satisfied customers stand behind these hho dry cells.

Why is the 11 plate hho dry cell the "best" hho dry cell design ?

I do not claim to know everything there is to know about Electrolysis, but the lowest "theoretical" voltage for electrolysis is understood to be 1.24 volts and if you don't go over 1.48 volts the electrolysis chamber (cell) will remain cool - similar to the environment you have it in, if you do go over 1.48 v you are producing heat.

So there comes a point at which you must trade some of your energy to produce heat in order to get the desired hho gas output.

The 11 plate hho dry cell has a total of 10 separate cell chambers, divide by an additional Positive plate the arrangement of the plates and the hole configuration is what has proven to be the dry cell design that produces the most hho gas with the least amperage draw

Conclusion : For the Novice Mechanic wanting to experience the benefits of of adding hho gas to their vehicle by installing an hho generator this design is the way to go. To Install Hydrogen on Demand On The Average Car or Truck This is the Best HHO Generator to start with.

This HHO Dry Cell Design Produces clean hho gas at low amp draw, you chose the hho dry cell, or cells that best suit your engine size. Extensive testing has been ongoing for years as to how much hho gas is needed for optimal results on the average motor vehicle. According to NASA and other test, including ours and other hho installers 5% of the fuel mix is all you need. This works out to be Apx. 1/4 to 1/2 LPM ( liter per minute ) of hho gas per Liter of motor size.

I will publish a more detailed article on this subject and add a link for those who want to do more research.

European countries are catching on to the awesome effects hho generators and Hydrogen on demand systems can have on there autos and trucks. We are proud to say our hho drycell is producing awesome results in Greece, Netherlands, Italy, France, and all over Europe as well as all over Australia.

Here is just one awesome test result in Greece with our hho dry cell generator design

European hho dry cell results :

Install - our 11 plate dry cell system on a 1600cc auto using petrol resulted in 52% increase in gas mileage and near 90% lower emissions.


Warning! Hydrogen gas and Brown's gas is dangerous!

These "HHO Generators", will produce Hydrogen and Oxygen gas commonly known as Brown's gas or HHO.

Hydrogen is a volatile colorless gas that has a low temperature ignition point. This gas also has no smell. Serious injuries and bodily harm can occur if the device is not handled or used properly! Powergate Technologies accepts no responsibility for your health or safety when working with hydrogen gas or any of our products. You are 100% responsibility to follow all safety precautions. Since we are not attorneys we recommend you research out correct safety and handling procedures before using any of our equipment.

Please read our "Terms of use page"

Please, Safety First when dealing with any hydrogen generators!

11 cell hho dry cell - Tested hho dry cell kit 11 cell hho dry cell - Diy hho dry cell kit 11 cell hho dry cell - Complete hho dry cell kit - install

You Will No Doubt Run Across other hho generator sites selling The Same Type of HHO Dry Cell and HHO Dry Cell Kits. This 4x4 hho generator is the most copied out there. As everyone is searching for a compact hho generator that will produce the right amount of hho gas needed at low amp draw.

Our staff have purchased and constructed many water gas generators. We've researched what makes the Stanley Meyer hydrogen generator superior over common hydrogen generators that use the electrolytic process to make Brown's gas.

We believe this HHO Dry Cell Design is the best hho generator available at these prices.

You can be overwhelmed by the different hho generator designs, sizes and shapes once you start studying this awesome yet simple hydrogen on demand technology.

* Our Excellent Customer Service. Calls are welcome! Call 949-945-5417.

You do not have to buy anything from us to get help on your hho generator projects.

You can also send an email with questions about our hho dry cells or anything else regarding using Brown's gas to make your vehicle into a hydrogen hybrid . We don't claim to have all the answers but we do have connections to hho installers all over the world we can resource.

To contact us click the "Contact" button in the top menu.



Stanley Meyer / Dave Lawton Style Variable Frequency Pulse Width Modulator

 standard 15 amp unit @ $349

35 amp unit @ $399

Stan Meyer - Dave Lawton style PWM front view

This is a true Stanley Meyers / Dave Lawton Circuit Design!

Don't be fooled by other standard pwm's that only control the frequency and make references to Stanley Meyers and Dave Lawton designs.

Advanced Features added to this machine augment the original functions of the unit!

This Pulse Width Modulator is built to the highest quality standards with built-in overheat protection. This PWM is designed to work with a Stanley Meyer type water fuel cell design noted for very low current draw and little or no heat.



According to Stan Meyer's claims his Hydrogen Cell releases the enormous energy of Hydrogen that is stored in regular tap water using a small current of 1 or 2 amps.

Stanley Meyer's legacy lives on. Despite his untimely death his detailed patents describe how to release the stored energy of water and produce at least 300% more energy than the electricity required to generate hydrogen from water.


This is an advanced version of the Stanley Meyer's unit. This unit uses the original design however this advanced unit has added many features not found on the Stanley Meyer's unit which include a heavy duty design that will handle more amperage. This unit is much more versatile and useful while still incorporating the original design into the construction of the unit. The original unit only being able to handle small amperage is very limited when it comes to experimenting beyond extremely light duty experiments.

The Stanley Meyer's unique design with mark space helps prevent the hydrogen or HHO generator from overheating by controlling the space or time of inactivity that is imposed upon the main duty cycle that is applied to the generator..

The second stage of the unit can actually switch the current off and on which in effect powers down the entire pulse output which feeds the hydrogen generator.

The heavy duty design of this unit will allow current draw of up to 15 Amps on lower frequencies. When used for experimenting on ultra high frequencies like the Stanley Meyer's Unit this can vary up to 250KHZ !

Used for experimenting and following up on Stanley Meyer's and Dave Lawton's patents and claims that huge amounts of hydrogen can be produced from small amounts of current this unit's amperage must be reduced to a minimum when using the unit on ultra high frequencies.

Works on 12v dc.

Carry out your experiments to the extreme !!!

Use the Stanley Meyer's / Dave Lawton unit on lower to high frequencies with high amperage and still have full control of your cell by using the unique controls on the unit.

You have full control of the Primary Frequency and the Mark space which is applied the hydrogen generator as well as Secondary Stages of the Stan Meyer's units unique design with Frequency Control and Mark Space which helps prevent the hydrogen generator form overheating by controlling the space or time of inactivity between the main output pulse.

Frequency Bandwidth Switch: Section A

The unit also has two bandwidth controls conveniently located on top of the unit. One control for section.

The frequency bandwidth switch can be set for any one of 3 preset frequency ranges. One advantage of using the frequency range selector switch is that you are working with a narrower frequency bandwidth. The bandwidth or frequency range of the pulse width modulator can be varied from about 200Hz (HZ is cycles) to about 250KHZ depending on the setting of the controls.

Frequency Bandwidth Switch: Section B

The frequency range switch can be set for any one of 3 preset frequency ranges. One advantage of using the frequency range selector switch is that you are working with a narrower frequency bandwidth. The frequency range switch allows you to do this in 3 steps because it breaks up the full bandwidth into 3 smaller segments. The advantage of this is that when you are tuning the variable frequency control you have more control and know the frequency range you are working in.

Frequency Control Section A

The frequency control Section A will allow you to tune thru the pre-set bandwidth which corresponds the bandwidth selected on the top Section A of the unit. Overall tuning range is from about 200Hz to 250Khz.

Frequency Control Section B

The frequency control Section B will allow you to tune thru the pre-set bandwidth which corresponds the bandwidth selected on the top Section B of the unit.

The Mark Space On / Off Switch

Used to turn on or off the mark space section located on Section B of the unit.

Automatic Shutdown Circuit:

This Advanced Stanley Meyer type unit is capable of running amperage of up to 15 amps at lower frequencies however high frequencies generate more heat and the amperage must be reduced to prevent damage to the unit. This unit comes with a built in safety shutdown feature which is designed to shut the unit down if it should detect overheating due to excessive current draw combined with high frequencies. Should the unit shut down due to this condition the status light will go out until the unit cools down. After the unit cools it will automatically resume working and the status light will come back on.

Ultra cooling quiet high output cooling fan:

On-board high efficiency fan which is switched on when the unit is switched on.

Off / ON Switch

The off / on switch is located on the front panel and is incorporated with the mark space adjustment on Section A side of the unit.

.Power indicator light:

Power indicator light is red and shows when the unit is turned on.

Status Light:

You can monitor the operation of the unit with the status light including the cutoff variation times. Should the unit go into shutdown the status light will go out.

Durable Aluminum Case

Durable high quality lightweight aluminum case.

Compact light weight design

approx measurements: Enclosure 4"W x 2" H x 6D

Fan and controls mounted on top add 1" height


Price: $349.95 + S&H Special Bonus: When you order now you'll also receive the immediate download link to HHO Hybrid Conversion Plans (e-book)and we'll include a copy of the plans on CD. Get detailed diagrams to build your own Hydroxy water fuel cell based on the Stanley Meyer design. Discover how to convert your car to run on hydroxy gas as a supplement to gasoline. Normally sells for $47 at https://www.Hyfusion.com  . I'll include the CD free with your order!



  + S&H of $10 USA or $25 International


35 Amp Stan Meyer type PWM $399.00 + S&H of $10 USA or $25 International


Clients: If you are experimenting with HHO generation and need a custom designed PWM please call for a quote. We've designed and sold units that can handle up to 100 amps current for heavy duty applications. Call 949-945-5417. We can also take your order over the phone or answer your questions.

If we design a unit to meet your needs we can advise you about low cost manufacturing under license to Hydrogen Water Fuel.



By purchasing this Merchandise, you agree to assume all risks related to and/or arising from your ownership and use of the Merchandise and agree to indemnify and hold the the seller and its affiliates from liability for any damages whatsoever including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, loss of business profits or special damages, even if seller or its affiliates have been advised of the possibility of such damages. You agree to hold the seller harmless from any and all claims brought by any person or entity against the seller or affiliates related to and/or arising from your ownership and/or use of the Merchandise. By bidding, purchasing or installing this unit you are agreeing to the terms stated.


To order visit the website https://www.Powergate.us/HHOParts/

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Parts are warranted to be free from defects when shipped for 30 days from date of delivery. Specifically: 

Powergate Technologies disclaims any warranties (express or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. Experimenting with Hydrogen is extremely hazardous. Customer agrees by purchasing any products from this site that customer is solely responsible for his own safety. The company shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of components, which are provided “as is”, and without warranties as to fitness for any purpose.

As always, the advice of a competent legal, engineering, accounting or other professional should be sought. The author and company, Powergate Technologies, do not warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any mechanical system built with components sold on this web site. All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.